sexta-feira, outubro 02, 2009

Savina Yannatou

All i know about her is what Wikipedia courtesy told me. And all i need to know is that i grew my music universe through listening her. Try it. Won't hurt ;)

Savina Yannatou (Greek: Σαβίνα Γιαννάτου / Savína Yiannátou; born March 16, 1959 in Athens) is a renowned Greek female singer.

She studied singing at the Greek National conservatory in Athens and later at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. In 1979 she began working as a professional and two years later participated in the recording of the critically acclaimed album "Εδώ Λιλιπούπολη" ("Edo Lilipoupoli", "Lilipoupolis here"); following that, her career took off and has since released numerous albums, singing in different languages. Her repertoire consists mainly of Mediterranean, Renaissance, Baroque and Sephardic songs, although she has a keen interest in classical, jazz and avant-garde music.

Yannatou is also a songwriter ("Rosa das Rosas", "Dreams of the mermaid"), as well as a composer for theater ("Medea" for the National Theatre of Greece), dance theater and video art. Currently she's an ECM artist[1].

Sareri Hovin Mernem


Addio Amore.

Ah Mon dieu ;). Bonus Track do Virgin Maries of the World.

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