quarta-feira, dezembro 14, 2011

Saint Privat

Saint Privat is a group formed in 2002 by singer Valérie Sajdik and electronica musician Klaus Waldeck, named after the village of Saint-Privat in France, where Valérie decided to live
Saint Privat's first album Riviera, released in 2004, lead to the band being awarded the Amadeus Austrian Music Award for newcomer of the year in 2005. This success was followed up in 2006 by Superflu, which shifted the balance from the electronica towards the musicians.

Courtesy Wikipedia

Tous les jours. Superflu. La melodie.
Poisson Rouge. Nothin' to loose.
Dadaism. Gone with the wind.
Mille Baci. Somebody to love.
Sans Remords. Mademoiselle.
Une dernière cigarrette.

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